Bangkok residents warned of flooding risk as torrential rain forecast this week

The Meteorological Department has warned of the danger of flooding in Bangkok as a outcome of torrential rainfall forecast for this week. The capital has been experiencing wet weather for three weeks in a row now, that means the water stage in jap Bangkok canals is already high. Bangkok governor, Aswin Kwanmuang, says water pumps need to be deployed to empty the canals, and garbage and weeds need to be removed to enhance drainage.
The Bangkok Post reviews that additional water pumps have been fitted in areas prone to flooding and the capital’s flood response centre is now operational 24 hours a day to make sure a swift response within the event of flooding. According to the report, there were some incidents of flooding reported in the capital final night time.
Best selling -pressure space in the South China Sea is now accelerating and expected to become a tropical cyclone because it approaches the coast of Vietnam, according to the Meteorological Department. Heavy rain is forecast for all parts of Thailand from right now till Friday. The division says coastal areas might see waves as high as 2 metres during thundershowers, on account of a monsoon trough within the decrease North, Central Plains, and the East, as properly as the southwest monsoon in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand areas..

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