Chanthaburi bans all alcohol as Covid-19 infections surge

The governor of the Eastern province of Chanthaburi has issued an order to ban all sales of alcohol after a surge in Covid-19 infections. The governor says the order is supposed to limit gatherings and parties by making it unlawful to drink at these events and making it tough to procure alcohol even. The order has been put into effect from October 7 and can proceed until October 31, with fines and possible jail time for these who violate it.
The province borders Rayong on the west and Cambodia on the east and sits on the Gulf of Thailand, and day by day Covid-19 infections have been steadily creeping up since late September as they rose above 200 a day and jumped yesterday to 450 infections in a single day, causing alarm and strict action.
As Guide , the governor launched the tough order prohibiting the sale of alcohol wherever in the province including restaurants, grocery shops, convenience stores, shops, and malls. Of course, bars can not promote alcohol as they still fall underneath the national order that closed all bars, clubs, and nightlife leisure venues in Thailand since April.
The governor states that this bounce in infections is alarming and lots of it could be traced to Covid-19 clusters that have been linked to events, buffets, ceremonies, and local traditions, all of which had alcohol current at the occasions.
He believed that the consumption of alcohol that brings people together and is sometimes called a “social lubricant” encourages folks to combine and mingle in closer proximity and let their guards down in opposition to Covid-19 safety. With alcohol concerned, regulation is troublesome to control.
After half a yr of entertainment venues at nightlife being closed, the governor acknowledges that people are stressed and are holding personal events and occasions to make up for the social losses. But he stresses that letting one’s guard down now could be affecting the provincial public health and hurting the financial system because it prolongs the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic..

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