Man arrested in Isaan for allegedly smuggling 550 kilograms of cannabis

Around 550 kilograms of compressed hashish was seized from a pickup truck in the Isaan province Sakhon Nakhon, which is close to the Laos border. Officers from the Crime Suppression Division confiscated the cannabis and arrested a 34 year old man.
Officer had obtained a high that a crime syndicate planned to traffic the hashish from Laos and into Thailand. They say traffickers have been using the Seka-Akat Manuai route in Bueng Kan, a province along the Mekong River bordering Laos.
Police had been stationed along the road and stopped the vehicle after the driving force allegedly stopped in Udon Thani to deliver the cannabis. บริษัทติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ชั้นนำ searched the truck and say they discovered 550 slabs of compressed hashish. Each slab weighed a kilogram. Police say the man admitted he was paid 10,000 baht to move the drugs. The one who hired him was reportedly driving another automobile on the identical route and was able to evade the police.
The suspect was charged with possession of a Category 5 narcotic with the intent to sell. Cannabis with excessive traces of the psychoactive part generally identified as THC is still legal in Thailand and classified as a Category 5 narcotic..

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