Monk allegedly fires pictures at residents in Northern Thailand

A monk allegedly fired photographs at residents close by a temple in the northern province Mae Hong Son yesterday. Reports say the monk fled the scene, but was later discovered and compelled to go away monkhood. Officers searched the monk’s living quarters and located airsoft guns with equipment to switch the pellet weapons in addition to ammunition.
The monk had gotten into an argument over land possession, a group leader informed Thai media. The suspect and other 4 monks have been clearing the land, claiming that the Doi Ja Tee Temple owned the property. But apparently, the land was public property and residents tried to explain this to the monks. He says the monk the took out a gun and fired pictures at residents. No one was injured, however a bullet gap has found at an area home.
Triple ran off to another temple named Pa Baan Mai Temple, but he was later arrested. The officers from the from Mueang Mae Hong Son Provincial Police Station asked the monk to depart his monkhood and brought him in for questioning. Reports say the monk had claimed he was attacked.
The officers searched the dwelling quarter and located 4 airsoft weapons inside, together with one which had apparently modified to use the true bullets. Officers additionally say they discovered equipment to modify the guns as well as a long knife. Another modified gun with actual bullets at the scene where the monk allegedly shot at residents..

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