NIDA poll suggests many Thais don’t think Prayut shall be PM once more

Untold -o-cha’s current term as prime minister could be his last, says the respondents to a brand new survey by the National Institute of Development Administration.
The NIDA poll was taken from September 6 to September 9 by phone. 1,310 individuals, 18 and older, of various levels of education and totally different occupations throughout the nation have been queried on their opinions about PM Prayut, Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon, and Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda.
On the query of whether Prayut will not be the prime minister when the new government comes about, 53% said this was a possibility, 32% stated it was extremely potential, and 31% replied that it was pretty attainable. 23% said it was completely not attainable and 11% stated it had a low chance. 4% of respondents did not have an answer or weren’t interested in answering.
On the query of the potential for Prawit changing into prime minister following the following election, 77% stated it was not potential, 63% said it was completely not possible, and 14% stated it was unlikely to occur. 14% mentioned it was quite possible he will be PM, and 5% said it was extremely attainable. Another 5% did not have a solution or weren’t excited about answering the question.
On the question of whether they thought the three politicians would nonetheless have a job in the growth of the federal government following the next election, 60% said it was more doubtless to happen, and 36% mentioned it was unlikely. 4% didn’t answer or weren’t interested in answering..

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