Security captures fourth Songkhla insurgent after long siege

Security forces captured the fourth insurgent after three others tried to flee from their hiding spot in Chana, a district of Songkla. The rebel hid in a home, despite the very fact that local spiritual and neighborhood leaders begged him to surrender. After a pause, there were gunshots once more in the night. Security forces then moved in. The rebel had an M16 rifle, and an AK47 assault rifle, which safety seized.
In Southern Thailand, over 7,000 individuals have been killed since 2004. Islamist militant groups, most notably the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN), need to separate several provinces in Southern Thailand from the relaxation of the country into an autonomous region known as Patani Darussalam. The group desires an Islamic training system taught within the Malay language. Patani Malay people in Southern Thailand are mostly Muslims, although most Thais are Buddhists. The conflict has been occurring since 1909, When Patani formally grew to become a part of Thailand. The BRN and Thai authorities held peace talks in January, however they nonetheless disagree on many key points. The Thai authorities doesn’t agree that the Southern provinces should have autonomy.
The Thai government has expressed frustration, claiming the Patani Malay are the country’s only minority that has resisted assimilation. There are actually Unlock in the region of insurgent-related violence, such as roadside bombings and assaults at police stations..

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