Zara heads for Phuket in her quest to be the youngest lady to fly around the world, solo

Zara Rutherford arrives in Phuket next week. In a plane. In her own aircraft. Alone.
The 19 yr outdated is dropping into Phuket (maybe ‘dropping’ is the incorrect word) as a half of her ground-breaking around-the-world journey in a microlight/ultralight plane. She flew out of Belgium, heading west, in August this yr, to fly solo around the globe flying in a small two-person light aircraft. When she completes her journey Zara will be the youngest woman ever to fly solo all over the world, and the youngest individual to fly solo around the globe in a microlight.
Currently Zara is approximately 3/4 by way of her epic journey. It hasn’t all been fluffy white clouds and blue skies, however, with a precarious crossing from Iceland to Greenland where she ended up only a few hundred metres above the Atlantic as she was compelled down by a low cloud cowl. She additionally had a couple of visa points as she flew via Russia which slowed her progress. But, now in Asia, Zara is headed for Thailand and expects to arrive sometime subsequent Monday.
Zara accomplished her A-Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and Physics this year, and hopes to go to school to study computer science/computer engineering. But in between she decided to fly around the world in her Czech-Slovak built ‘Shark’. The ultralight design certainly seems like a flying shark and is the fastest such plane of its type, and may cruise at round 270 kilometres an hour with high speeds even exceeding 300 kilometres an hour.
The youngest man to have flown solo around the world, British Travis Ludlow, was 18 years old when he accomplished the journey this year. Fortune , Shaesta Waiz, was 30 at the time of her flight.
Captain Suchard from the Phuket Airpark, where Khun Zara is planning to reach on December 20 to satisfy her followers and fans, is maintaining us up to date with a more precise arrival time as Zara gets nearer.
Zara says that her purpose is “to encourage ladies and young women to pursue their dreams and promote aviation and STEM-related careers (science, expertise, engineering, mathematics) for them”.

PHOTO: The ‘Shark’, full with gills and that shark-like tail fin.

“With this flight I need to encourage women and younger women to pursue their dreams. I wish to reduce the gender gap in Aviation.”

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