Advertisements and messages that might cause hurt or hazard to Thais to fall beneath greater gov scrutiny

The Thai Cabinet Committee has determined to take a firmer stance on ads that they say might instigate social harms and messages that reference the monarchy. They plan to problem laws and laws to regulate such dangerous commercials.
Surge says the committee has permitted the draft ministerial rules towards commercials or companies which may cause hazard and hurt to residents of Thailand. They additionally approved a draft proposal to rescind ads of alcoholic drinks and caffeinated drinks in film theatres and on billboards. Other commercials that will be prohibited include messages that reference giveaways or rewards from playing, as per her statement.
The committee also decided that commercials for condo models that haven’t been legally registered but or have been registered without stating the major points or offering plots of land and apartment gross sales that don’t specify sure details as is required by law will also be forbidden. The draft also stipulated that messages and advertisements that reference the monarchy that wouldn’t have royal permission are forbidden..

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