Man in Phuket threatens new neighbour with 30 gunshots

A new resident was “welcomed” to the neighbourhood in Phuket with a man firing his gun into the realm, saying he wasn’t afraid of anyone. The shooter, recognized as “Mr. Yut,” allegedly fired his gun and a pump-action shotgun 30 instances in the air.
The new resident, Wisa Choo, had simply moved into the neighbourhood after buying a plot of land three months in the past. He had been chatting with neighbours exterior his house at round 8:30pm when the incident occurred.
Best says he had by no means seen Mr. Yut in his life. Mr. Yut reportedly introduced, before firing shots, that he’s by no means afraid of anyone, not the village headman, and never anyone else. Wisa filed a proper complaint to Thalang police yesterday at round 10am. Police then reported that by 1pm, Mr. Yut had turned himself in.
Officers seized eleven millimetre bullet casings and a variety of other shotgun cartridges. Police haven’t supplied any details about Mr. Yut or explained why he threatened his new neighbour. Police are currently conducting a background check on Mr. Yut and whether or not he has permits to use the guns he used.
Wisa had purchased his new property in the neighbourhood for 5 million baht. Wisa said he was frightened and shocked that such a factor would happen in a vacationer city like Pukhet. The only factor identified thus far about Mr. Yut is that he is the caretaker of the nearby shrine..

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