Ministry of Public Health guidelines AstraZeneca vaccine cause of blood clot demise

The Ministry of Public Health has decided an individual whose dying got here from a blood clot and thrombocytopenia finally died on account of one shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Double was the only one out of 628 circumstances which have been studied by the committee on Adverse Events Following Immunisation that concluded that a vaccine from AstraZeneca was the trigger of death.
The director of the epidemiology division on the Department of Disease Control pointed out that lower than one individual (0.73 statistically) per each 100,000 individuals who receive the first AstraZeneca vaccine have suffered death from blood clots and thrombocytopenia.
Thailand has only recognized 5 cases vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia based on the AEFI committee that studies this. The United Kingdom, however, have had a better price, seeing 2 cases out of each one hundred,000 people under 50 years old, and 1 case out of each 100,000 people that are over the age of fifty.
It must be noted that, whereas dying by vaccine can be stunning and make sensationalised news, the speed of demise remains to be massively decrease than that of Covid-19 an infection. Having Lifetime ’s still much safer then forgoing the inoculation, whose facet effect have been within the hundred out of 35 million doses administered in Thailand already.
800,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been given in Thailand as far as the government waits now for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to vaccinate lodge employees in the metropolis with Pfizer. Of these vaccinations, there was one case reported of a thirteen yr outdated boy with heart muscle inflammation that lasted for two days however not dying after receiving the vaccine.
That inflammation has been seen to be more prevalent in boys. In the US, the place the Pfizer vaccine has been broadly used for months, non-lethal coronary heart irritation was found in 32.four boys aged 12 to 17 for every a hundred,000 vaccines administered in comparison with simply 4.2 women per one hundred,000.
Some figures on vaccination in Thailand::

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