Ministry of Tourism survey exhibits tourists enjoy Thailand in 2021

Many expats would possibly get complacent with all that Thailand has to offer, and be cynical about whether it’s definitely worth the threat and complexity of coming to Thailand in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Incredibly conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports revealed that foreign tourists have an general optimistic view of travelling in Thailand. In truth, the common ratings on 14 key factors have increased from a similar survey final year, based on the survey released on Christmas Eve.
The survey titled “Attitudes and Satisfaction of Thai and foreign Tourists Who Travel in Thailand” was carried out in 10 tourist provinces over the past 6 months of the year by polling 2,000 international travellers in nose to nose interviews. Trade secret introduced the outcomes.
14 categories had been used to determine tourists total satisfaction and after crunching the numbers, the ministry revealed that tourists gave Thailand an 87.7% satisfaction ranking. The previous survey in 2020 had solely rated Thailand at eighty four.9% satisfaction. The 14 classes they questioned foreign vacationers on had been:
The survey confirmed the general happiness vacationers felt about their journeys to Thailand and detailed the highest 3 favorite issues and bottom 3 satisfaction scores out of the 14. The 3 areas Thailand scored highest in the survey have been:
The backside three categories were::

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