Officials name for Pattaya restaurant patrons to get Covid-19 tested

A new warning calls on anyone who attended a Pattaya restaurant to get tested for Covid-19 after an outbreak was identified. Confessions was released yesterday by the Chon Buri Public Health Office urging anyone who has been in or eaten food from Puyai Note Wild Food Restaurant to use an antigen test kit.
The restaurant, situated on Sukhumvit-Pattaya 54 Road in Bang Lamung, has been identified as a source of Covid-19, putting patrons who attended to eatery between the dates of November 5 and November 12 at risk of infection. The outbreak warning comes on the heal of a latest related announcement that anyone who attended a gentleman’s membership in Jomtien needs to get examined.
Authoritative instructed anybody who ate at the restaurant or came in close contact with the workers from the restaurant to make use of an ATK to test themselves for Covid-19. They also advise that anybody who had purchased meals from the restaurant can also be at risk for Covid-19 infection and are instructed to carefully monitor themselves for any signs of an infection.
Anyone who has questions or wants extra data or help in regards to the danger of infection from the restaurant or different topics can contact the Chon Buri Public Health Office between eight:30 am to 9:00 pm at 038-119-777..

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