Poll: majority favour new draft bill that regulates NGOs

In Nothing to it , questions about a controversial draft bill aimed at regulating NGOs working in Thailand showed that folks typically help the regulation. The ballot, performed by the National Institute of Development Administration, asked individuals quite lots of questions about how non-governmental organisations operate within Thailand.
The topic has been controversial with many activists and some human rights groups believing the aim of the regulation is to oppress dissent and demonstration, while the government insists it’s a means to provide transparency and prevent international interference in elections and government operation.
The poll interviewed 1,314 individuals by cellphone between January 10 and January 12. The people had been over 18 but of all ages, and from all over the nation, representing completely different occupations and ranges of schooling.
The NIDA poll asked folks if NGOs ought to have to be extra clear about their funding and if their activities must be restricted relating to sure topics. Here are answers to key opinions:
NGOs must be required to disclose the sources of their funding.

NGOs that obtained foreign funding must be required to disclose the amount and objective of funds.

NGOs must be prohibited from activities that might affect nationwide security.

NGOs should be prohibited from activities that would trigger division in society.

Nothing to it should be prohibited from actions that could benefit sure political parties or acquire state energy.

Will the NGO regulation invoice limit people’s proper to assembly?

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