Rabbiting abbot

SARABURI: Ever marvel why clergy refer to non-clerics as “laypersons”? Perhaps it’s as a result of those who usually are not in the priesthood seem to find it easier to get laid. But Ready -year-old Phra Prapat Thammarat, Abbot of Wat Rongsaeng in Nongkhae District, apparently didn’t view his place as temple head as any purpose to not bring his girlfriend again to his temple quarters for a game of hide the sausage. In reality, Phra Prapat and his love curiosity, Malika “Maew” Srikulthon, a 25-year-old hairdresser, were both getting the most effective of both worlds. Malika acquired a new bike and other items bought by Phra Prapat utilizing temple funds. For his part, Phra Prapat obtained what nearly each man wants, and by utilizing his temple quarters as a love shack he didn’t have to pay extra money for a short-time hotel. Unfortunately, such agreeable conditions seldom last lengthy. At about 1 am on May 21, a mob of angry villagers and volunteer police – knowing full nicely that the younger girl was in the abbot’s quarters – surrounded his room, yelling for Phra Prapat to open the door and conform to be defrocked for his scandalous conduct. The crowd was led by none apart from Phra Prapat’s own niece, 35-year-old Wandee Aekanitsri, head of Tambon Nongplamaw’s Village 2. When police arrived to investigate the scenario, they found the lights extinguished and the room silent. Surrounded and with no way to escape, the abbot and his girlfriend performed possum. After the police recognized themselves, nonetheless, Phra Prapat had no selection but to open the door. When he did, police, reporters and indignant villagers surged into the room. One reporter seen the monk kick a pair of women’s sneakers beneath the mattress. But it was in vain, because the villagers soon found Maew behind a bookcase, shaking with worry and clad solely in her underwear. After dressing, the pair had been taken to Wat Bua Loy, additionally in Nongkhae District, to see the Chief District Monk. Under questioning, Maew admitted to what everyone else already knew, however Phra Prapat, clearly a person of great religion, continued to pr

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